Condolence & Memory Journal

Mary, Waylon, and Susie,
How sorry to hear that your mom is no longer with us! She was a special teacher that one remembered because she kept her standards high and demanded the best of us. I especially appreciate her final high school influence on me, polishing up my skills, and preparing me to major in English. Now with an advanced degree in TESOL, I have had the privilege of teaching English to internationals all over the world! We leave soon for 2 years in S. Korea. Thanks also to your Mom. Learning from her was a blessing to me!

Posted by Roselyn Blitch Nelson - Tega Cay, SC   August 02, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was my English teacher my senior year at St. Andrew's High School in 1975. What a wonderful educator! She challenged me more than any other teacher I ever had, and because of her I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. And I am always correcting the grammar and spelling of those around me. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson. My condolences to her family. Susan Peterman DuPuis

Posted by Susan DuPuis - Charleston, SC   July 30, 2010

Mary and waylon,
Marie and I were very saddened by the news of Mrs. Wilson.God only knows where I would be today, if it hadn't been for her support and encouragement. I give her full credit for my success in school.
Our Sympathy for you both,
Douglas and Marie Gosnell

Posted by Douglas Gosnell - Chapin, SC   July 19, 2010

I am so sorry to hear of Mrs. Wilson's passing. What an amazing teacher she was. She saw things in me that I never saw, such as being a writer -- which I was for a time with several newspapers. I still think of her very fondly and know my grammar is correct because of her. My heartfelt sympathy to all of the family.

Posted by Rachel Rhodes-Dyar - Hephzibah, GA   July 17, 2010

Mary, sorry to hear of the passing of your mom. I always had a warm place in my heart for both your mom and dad. I last saw your mom and dad at an all school reunion. They will be missed. I trust you and Waylon will have full confidence that your mom is in a better place. I think of you often. Len Wright, West Palm Beach, Fl.

Posted by Len Wright - West Palm Beach, FL   July 17, 2010

Mrs. Wilson enabled, encouraged, and enriched my life with inspired teaching and personal grace. With heartfelt sympathy to Waylon, Susie, and all your family.

Posted by Robert Blocker - New Haven, CT   July 16, 2010

My teachers are my heros. Mrs. Wilson was the first teacher who truly inspire me. I remember her stopping by my desk after handing me a failing grade on one test and an A+ on another. "You should be a story teller. Or a writer perhaps. But first you have to learn how to use the language." Because of her I majored in English, fell in love with literature, then plays and eventually became an actor. What a blessing it must have been for her to know what an important role she played in all our lives. Her spirit still lives on in the lives she touched, and her spirit will continue to live on in the lives of all of us who take the time to teach someone else any of the hundreds of life lessons she taught us. She was the real thing. Truly one of a kind. God Bless her and her family. Jimmy Hager Class of 1966

Posted by Jimmy Hager - Columbia, SC   July 16, 2010

I am one of the many students/teachers mentored by Mrs. Wilson during her long and distinguished career. In fact, I am now an English teacher myself with 25 years of teaching behind me. . .and still going. . . although I doubt that I will achieve what she did. When I worked with Mrs. Wilson back in 1985, I was completing my student-teaching assignment under her watchful eyes at St. Andrews High School. And, yes, I remember her working on the yearbook. What a teacher! What a gracious Lady!

Posted by Helen Brandenburg - Charleston, SC   July 16, 2010

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs. Wilson. I attended St Andrews, class of 1969, and also had the opportunity to teach with her in the English Dept. for several years. She was an a true role model; such a gracious lady.
My thoughts are with you and your family during the time of loss.

Nancy Limehouse Morrow, Myrtle Beach, SC

Posted by A friend   July 16, 2010

After over 30 and a high school graduate of St. Andrews High School, Mrs. Wilson remains my most favorite and loved teacher. She taught me to enjoy a subject that I nearly hated, English and to this day her name still rolls from my tongue with praises. I have written about her as an extraordinary educator as recently as two months ago. She was truly an extremely gifted educator and person because she allowed her students to see her as a person first. I don't know where my education and life would have been without being forced into her Advanced English class! What a blessing to have had to opportunity to have had her touch my life!

Posted by Barbara Coakley Green - Fredericksburg, VA   July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was a fine English teacher who held her students to high academic standards that prepared us for college. As a person she was an example for us of exemplary character and gracious dignity. We were lucky to have her in our lives at that time of approaching maturity. I join others in honoring Mrs. Wilson and sending sympathy to her loved ones.

Posted by Carol Peecksen - Mt. Pleasant, SC   July 15, 2010

Mary & Waylon,

Sorry to read about the death of your mom. She was a wonderful person as well as a great teacher. Glad I was able to have her my senior year -- what I learned help me years later.

Posted by Dick Barnette '61 - Beaverton, OR   July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was the finest English teacher that I have ever had. She was also one of the best educators that I have ever know. I loved her class and respected her for her no nonsense style. She inspired her students to do their best and exhorted them to never settle for less than excellence. She will be missed by all whose lives she touched.

Posted by Stephanie Smith Wagner - Summerville, SC   July 15, 2010

I remember Mrs. Wilson. She genuinely cared about her profession, and her relationship to her students. My sincere condolences to the family.

Posted by Robert James - Greensboro, NC   July 15, 2010

I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Wilson as an English teacher at St. Andrew's in 1976. She was a great teacher and was genuinely interested in her students. I recently came across a photo of her and Mr. Wilson as they chaperoned our senior trip/cruise. She was quite a lady! May your family find solace in the legacy she has left behind. Her students will always remember her fondly!

Posted by Jean Keil-Burton - Walhalla, SC   July 15, 2010

I often think of Mrs. Wilson and the other teachers at St. Andrews who were incredible teachers who inspired their students to achieve to their fullest. Mrs. Wilson was exceptional. I have always felt fortunate to have had her.
My heartfelt condolences go to Waylon and Mary.

Posted by Renee Zinn Gordon    July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was one of the finest and most dedicated educators I have ever met. She inspired me (and I would venture to say all of her students)to excel. She will be remembered and missed by all of us whose lives she touched.

Posted by Naomi Harding - Charleston, SC   July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was an amazing person. I always looked forward to attending her class at St. Andrews. She had a true passion for English and for her students. Her kindness will always be remembered. I ran into her several times after I graduated, and she always seemed to remember me. What a blessing she was to me and so many. God bless, the Wilson family.

Posted by Fred Rose - Atlanta, GA   July 15, 2010

What a flood of memories. Mrs. Wilson inspired me to become an English major in college (and she knew it). My thoughts and prayers for Waylon and Susie, and the great extended family of St. Andrews

Posted by Jim Bangle - Marion, VA   July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was a wonderful teacher. I consider myself blessed to have been in her class. She was my inspiration to become a teacher. We admired her greatly and appreciated her dedication. My prayers are with her family as well.

Posted by Tracy Lewis - Greenville, SC   July 15, 2010

I knew Mrs. Mary Wilson, as I went to St. Andrews Parish High School. She was a great teacher and a great mentor. She was also a wonderful editor of the high school yearbook, "The Pelican." She will be very missed by everyone who she taught or who she worked with at the high school. God Speed. to her children, God will be with you all and God Bless. with heart felt sympathy.... Tammy (Schowe) Knecht

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2010


from gail and brenda we had the grate pleasure of taking care of ms.wilson until her final days and even than she was a grate person we will truely miss her because you could not help but fall in love with her.we will miss her very much.prayers and love goe's out to the brown and brenda thomas.

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was one of my favorite teachers. She had a high standard for her students, and she encouraged us to be our best at school and in life. She will always have a special place in my
heart. Cheryl Priester, Class of 1978

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2010


Just to add a few things I forgot. I was a student from 1971-75. I now live in Washington state.

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2010

Mary Wilson will always be remembered fondly. She was deeply respected and her name became synonymous with St. Andrew's High School. Ask ANYONE that attended this school who Mary Wilson was and they can tell you in a heartbeat. Her memory will live on forever in the minds and hearts of all the students whose lives she touched. I pray for her safe passage to God and ask for His blessings on her family who now grieves for her.

Kendra Hankins Morton

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2010

Mary - The years of devoted care you gave your mom are surely a comfort to you now. While I sometimes cannot remember the last phone call, the two years I spent in her English class are certainly with me as I cringe to hear poor grammar. She was with me when I admonished my sons as they married, "Please don't let your wives thank my friends for the silver/china/etc. you sent 'Rob/Bee and I". She will always be in the memories of so many.
Gill Holcombe Powell - St Andrews 1959

Posted by gill holcombe powell    July 15, 2010

Aunt Mary will always have a special place in my heart.

Posted by Sue Wilson - Broadway, NC   July 14, 2010

Mary , Waylon, Susie and families, Sorry to learn of your loss. Your mother was one of the most respected and devoted teachers I have ever known. She was a positive influence on all students she encountered. My only regret is that I did not pay more attention to her. Prayers and thoughts are with y'all. Peter Edwards

Posted by Peter Edwards - Mt Pleasant, SC   July 14, 2010

Mary Wilson, along with a few others, was St. Andrew's.

Posted by Peter Smyth - Charleston   July 14, 2010

I am one of the grateful many who was taught by Mrs Wilson to reach for more than I thought I could accomplish. Thank you. My heartfelt sympathy to Mary, Waylon and Susie.

Posted by Jerry Norris - Calhoun, GA   July 14, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was the very best teacher I ever had. She taught me so much and was always such a fine example of how we should all aspire to be. I was so proud to be chosen by her to be the Editor of the Pelican Yearbook in 1986. Today I celebrate a wonderful woman and give thanks for all that she instilled in me. My thoughts and prayers are with her family today. Your mother's legacy will live on for years in the hearts of her students.

Posted by Brian Alexander - Charleston, SC   July 14, 2010

Waylon and Susie; We're so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. We have you and your family in our prayers. We plan to attend the service at Elmwood tomorrow. Bill & Nina

Posted by A friend   July 14, 2010

Aunt Mary will always be remembered as the most eloquent and dignified in her speech as she was truly a southern lady. Her inquisitiveness in conversations diplayed the interest and love for her extended family. To Mary Sutton and Waylon Jr., may God be with you and your children as you celebrate your mother's life and legacy thanks be to Him. May He continue to bring comfort and peace to you in the days ahead.
Janet Wilson Awana

Posted by A friend   July 14, 2010

Mrs. Wilson was a great influence to many people. She will be greatly missed. It was a pleasure to know you during my time at STA.

Posted by Allen Watts - Jacksonville, FL   July 14, 2010