Life Stories

I liked to call the boys in Harborgate Shores the Midget Basketball League. Peyton, Bryce, Julian & Dylan. They are the shortest ones but they all play like they are 7 ft tall professional NBA players. Every game was so serious but so much fun with Peyton keeping everything in order. They were thrilled when they took on the older kids and could actually keep up. I loved looking out the window or down the street and watching them all together a bunch of sweaty happy little boys. Those are some of the best sweetest memories that I will treasure forever.

I remember the last time I got to play with Peyton at his house. We had lots of fun riding bikes, playing in his tree house, and watching Ninja Turtles before we went to sleep!

One of the first times that Peyton and Isaac played together was at Nana's (Robin's). Almost the first thing these 2 babies wanted to do was play in the kitchen. We didn't realize what they were doing until we heard the sounds of pots and pans being beat on by 2 very curious little fellows!